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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
For the purposes of the Privacy Policy, the terms ‘Hashtag’, ’we’, ’us’, ’ours’ shall 
refer to M/S Horizon, who are the owners of the website 
www.hashtaghorizon.com(‘Website’), and the terms ‘You’, ‘Your’ and ‘User’ shall 
refer to the users of the website.
• Hashtag believes in its user’s privacy rights of and are fully committed to ensuring
the highest levels of protection for Your privacy. We acknowledge your rights to 
Privacy and endeavour to maintain and secure your privacy at highest standards. 
Your statement of rights and terms of usage are protected under the website’s Terms 
of Use and Privacy Policies.
• We have adopted this Privacy policy in order to provide a declaration of the manner 
in which your personal and other data will be collected, stored, used and received.
We may collect the User’s
1. name, 
2. mobile number, 
3. age
4. gender
5. email address and 
6. physical address of the user 
7. any other information requested from you for the purpose of the operation of the 
This is collected for the purpose of providing a customized experience upon visiting 
the website, registering as a user on the website, during the ordering process in 
order to service orders You place on the website, or for responding to your requests
and sending any communications in case required. You are solely responsible for 
the purpose of providing the information and at no point of time are you under any 
obligation to provide any information to us other than for the purposes aforesaid, 
you further consent to the Use of this information on the website for the purposes 
During the ordering process, we may additionally collect information for the specific 
purpose of completion of payments of Products that you order on the website, and 
no other purpose. This may be shared with payments partner processing the 
payment, and no other. You explicitly provide us with consent to collect information 
for the purpose of processing of payments.
• Please note that you can choose not to provide us with the requested information 
whatsoever. This may result in not being able to all the features or services that can 
be availed of through the website, and our delivery partners may be unable to deliver 
your orders. 
• During the course of your visit to the website, we may receive and store certain nonpersonal information, such as IP address, operating system, browser type, internet 
service provider, hardware attributes. This will be processed and used in 
accordance with the Privacy Policy.
• In case you post any message, review, complaint, or feedback, we may retain the 
information to redress the disputes and to provide a resolution. This shall further 
be governed by the terms of this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use.
a. We collect your information relating to your profile in order to improve our 
service and offerings, or as part of the operations of the website; during the 
process we may identify your IP address to collect information. 
b. We may use this information to customize our website offerings and to ensure 
that you view the website tailored to specific needs.
c. In case you choose to make payments for the purchase of Products on the 
Website, we may share information with our payment processing partners.
d. We may choose to share information relevant to your choice or products with 
our Vendor/Delivery partners for the purposes of fulfilment of orders You choose 
to order on the Website
e. We may be required to disclose the information to law enforcement authorities
in case of any summons, warrant or other instrument of law, and as may be 
required under any law in force and effect at the time.
f. There shall be no unauthorised use/disclosure of information beyond the 
process discussed above.
Any information collected by Us through the Website may be used inter alia for:
(a) Your usage of the Services on the website and to enable us to fulfil our 
obligations to you 
(b) For internal record keeping;
(c) You to be able to undertake or initiate transactions on the Platform 
(d) Service Improvements;
(e) Your Account and its management thereof
(f) Communication of important notices or changes to the Services provided by 
Hashtag related to the Website 
(g)Internal company purposes of Website testing and delivery;
(h) Promotional purposes to you;
(i) To track the order status, processing and delivery as applicable to You;
(j) Information collected for the purposes of payments made by You for Purchases 
on the website
(k) For other purposes with Your consent.
From time to time, the information may be used to customize, develop, improve 
the Website. 
We can retain Your Personal Information for any duration as may be required for 
the purposes specified herein and shall be used in consonance with this Privacy 
• Use of cookies: We may use cookies (which are small files containing a string of 
characters that uniquely identifies Your browser) to remember your preference of 
checkout for a specific period and to deliver website services with your consent. At 
any point of time, you have the option of refusing to provide this feature by disabling 
the cookies on your web browser preferences. Please note however, that we may not 
be able to provide all of the services on the website as designed.
• This privacy policy, and the terms governing the same is subject to amendment 
from time to time, and your continued use of the website confirms that you hereby 
visit the site at regular intervals and accept any such changes that are made from 
time to time.
• Grievance Redressal Officer Details: 
In case of any Grievances related to the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy, 
or any request regarding storage/usage of your information as detailed under this 
Privacy Policy, please write to the Grievance Redressal Officer, whose details are 
provided herein
The Grievance Redressal Officer
Contact details: [email protected]
Phone: +91 9831656483